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Storyboards & Visualization

Babakitis Storyboards

LucasFilm, Twentieth Century Fox, the Disney Channel, FCB

Peter creates storyboard previsualizations for feature films, animation, motion graphics, advertising and interactive media... And animatics in AfterEffects when needed.


Political and Celebrity Portraits...

Illusttrations gif


In Addition to interactive design, Peter has created editorial illustrations for national publications, such as: The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, American Medical Association and many other print and screen editorial clients.


Interactive UI/UX Design

Interactive design for Apple, Lego, LucasArts, Turner Interactive, Paramount Interactive, Autodesk and many other world class companies.

A Corporate consulting firm's iPad magazine:

IPad Magazine

Interactive wireframe

An iPad App for futures traders:

trading screen

A Kid-friendlyprogramming UI for Lego's Robotic Invention System:

Lego Mindstorms UI

The Getty Center-NFAIS...A Parable of Imaginary Fears in the world of Museum Archiving

Getty Center Video-NFAIS

Peter created an animatic fable in pen and ink, finished in AfterEffects...

Mad Proctolotgist of the 3rd Reich

Pages from Peter's new graphic novel....

Lucia Winery - Peter has redesigned the site for the great Santa Lucia Valley winery.

Lucia logo


Peter's art direction and fashion photography for Ischa:

Ischa Flying



Oakland Farm & Feed - Catalog editorial illustrations and cover by Peter; interesting take on hydroponic growing equipment in the form of a 1920's magazine. Girls who smoke!

Oakland Farm & Feed Catalog

Peter's Game and Video Animation, 3D and 2D Animation and Motion Graphics

Reel Preview


retsinas ship

Design Portfolios



Interactive Design for corporate, entertainment and educational clients, using Flash, HTML 5 and other interactive environments..

Flash, Web and Interactive Design

...And then there are films...

Peter's Henry V film is analysed in this new book by Edinburgh University Press:

Screening Shakespeare in the Twenty-first Century

Peter Babakitis Henry V

Mouse Flight

Peter's Storyboard Portfolio!

Storyboard Class



Spykill Game- Babakitis

Spykill is a new action game. Look for a sign...


The girls of Oakland Farm & Feed...

This print catalog features Peter's editorial illustrations created in a 1920's style to evoke the flapper era.

 RN blog image

Respite and Nepenthe Blog

Flash and UI/UX Design

UI/UX Class at Miami Ad School

Introduction to Interfaces and Information Architecture

Modern life is full of examples of interactivity and interface design, whether physical, contextual or virtual. The "User Experience" has factored more and more in our world, as products and services become more sophisticated in attracting and serving a customer base, and as these products and services become more information-based and information-dependent. 

User Interface/User Experience has evolved from the pre-digital disciplines known as "Human Factors" and "Ergonomics" in which products were studied and tested to learn how things were actually used by customers, in order to create a better experience for their users, in order to improve the success of the project.

Today, the overwhelming variety of digital activities has bred an almost limitless assortment of possible interface elements, web-based, device-based, and system-based. We will look at the range of these possibilities, with a view to incorporating these elements in our designs, campaigns and branding projects.


Kuksu Film

Kuksu is now available on DVD!

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A Prior Engagement

Watch Peter's new short film-noir

A Prior Engagement